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Here's quick update: "create your trading success" helped me a lot. i feel less fear - if at all, i am more demanding, what i want to see, so there is less arguing with myself. and i am looking forward to each trading day, now, what was not always the case.
many thanks for my progress 😉

Sven Muller

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  • Simple to Understand and Apply ( No complicated jargon or difficult techniques, just easy to apply and hugely effective techniques which when combined will create powerful changes in your trading performance)
  • Taught by a Trader/Therapist Who Gets How You Feel ( You are learning from someone who has 'been there, done that' and completely understands the trading environment.

About LR Thomas

I have been a trader for 8 years and I know what a struggle it can be. .I am also a qualified therapist in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)and Hypnosis. I am also the author of a series of highly regarded trading psychology books to help traders with their trading psychology.

I aim to demystify the often complex subject of trading psychology and employ simple methods in my books and courses which make it easy for traders to make positive change.

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How to Cut Years Off Your Path to Trading Success With This Course

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     Haven't Seen Anything Better on Trading Psychology Yet

    If you’re experiencing any kind of psychological hangups regarding trading I highly recommend this quick guide to help you overcome your issues. I’ve read many trading psychology books that were heavy on theoretical content yet had no solutions to the problems that I was having. I would read these books without ever acting on anything they contained.This is the first book that actually helped me reframe my issues in ways that made sense, and on top of that, provided me with concrete steps to change how I trade. Barely a week after buying this book I conquered a problem that I couldn’t overcome for over two years and my only regret is that I didn’t come across this book sooner. Do yourself a favour and order this book if you’re experiencing any kind of issues with your trading.

    Andrew Taylor, Review of Overcome Your Fear in Trading

    I was very impressed with this no nonsense to the point book on overcoming your fear in trading. There was ZERO fluff, and very actionable steps to do something about your fear in trading instead of just theory about what is going on in your head.

    I found the authors analogies of selling compared to trading relating to fear very useful, and the chapters on process thinking, visualization, and EFT very helpful. While I must admit, I have heard of all these techniques, especially EFT, which I have personally had very good results with, I felt the flow of this book in it's entirety putting all these ideas together was very powerful.

    B Pearl , Review of Overcome Your Fear in Trading

    I wish I had read this 90 days ago

    I don't rate books very often but feel compelled to do so with this one. True story: In three months, I over-traded and gambled away approximately 25% of my life savings. This, despite the market making new highs almost daily. I was in despair, not knowing what to do. This book gives me hope. It gives me strategies to ensure I am trading appropriately, and if I had read this book beforehand I would certainly not have been so foolish with my money.

    TX Reader , review of How to Stop Over-trading

    Excellent book with plenty of ideas to help me in my trading. Have implemented some already and have found them helpful.

    Delores, review of How to Stop Over-trading

    A refreshing new angle on how to improve trading results

    Few trader psychology books deliver on sufficient tools. This book is surprisingly different. Despite being short compared to other well-known top trader books as "Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas" and "Trading for a Living by Alexander Elder" I must say that "Control Your Inner Trader" is definitely among the better ones. Any trader who believe that he or she can improve despite even good results will find this book have a refreshing new angle on how one can improve behavior and become a much better trader. This book is time well spent.

    Alan, Review of Control Your Inner trader

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    Just put this system to work for 60 days and if your trading doesn’t improve, contact me for a full refund! Simply send me your trading records and I’ll gladly refund you if these techniques haven’t worked!!

    Course Content

    • Introduction to Your Course
    • How to Cut Years Off Your Path to Trading Success With This Course
    • Behavioural Economics and Trading
    • Behavioural Economics Experiments
    • Why Can't I Stick to my Trading Plan
    • How to Follow Your Trading Plan
    • Mapping Your Trading System
    • What Are Neural Pathways and Why Are They Important
    • Creating New Neural Pathways
    • Automatic Behaviour Creation
    • The TWO Trading Brains
    • Changing When You Are Stuck in Bad Patterns
    • How Deal With Anxiety During a Trade
    • Trading Style and Trading Psychology
    • Setting Trading Goals
    • Limit Losses First
    • Optimise Your Profits
    • More Techniques to Overcome Negative Trading Patterns
    • Acceptance of Lack of Control in the Markets
    • Using Positive Self Talk
    • Using Visualisation
    • Your Trading Success Action Plan
    • Conclusion
    • Course Updates

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